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The 7th International Conference on Composites: Characterization, Fabrication and Application

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Conference Subjects: Composites
Conference Venue: Tabriz

The 7th International Conference on Composites: Characterization, Fabrication and Application (CCFA-7) is an online event to bring Engineers, Researchers and, Entrepreneurs to exchange their latest findings related to several aspects of the composite materials.  Characterization manufacturing and evaluation methods covering either theoretical or practical approaches are the welcomed themes. The conference particularly focuses on state-of-the-art materials and methods in bio-based composites, logistic and transportation, piping, marine and civil engineering structures, micro- and nano-composites.
The CCFA7, is being held for the first time in its history by a group of three academic organizations: Sahand University of Technology (Tabriz, Iran), Iran University of Science and Technology (Tehran, Iran) and Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada).





  A. Materials Characteristics

  Mechanical and Physical Properties, Materials testing, Strength and Stiffness, Effects of Residual Stresses, Durability and Aging, Fracture Mechanics, Fatigue Damage and Cracking, Thermal Stresses and Creep, Impact and Dynamic Response, Degradation of Composites.

  B. Fabrication

  Fabrication and Methods, Repair Technologies, Strengthening and Rehabilitation Micro/Nano-Composite Fabrication, Machining of CFRP Laminates, Hybrid Composites and Lamination, Autoclave, Filament Winding Process, Sandwich Panels, Extrusion Process, Pultrusion Process, Vacuum Bagging.

  C. Applications

  Automotive structures, Light-Weight Transportation, Vibration Damping, Structural Response and Design, Anchorage Systems, Connections and Joints, Bio-composites/ Implants, Micro- and Nanotechnology Composites, Textile Composites, Applications in Structural Concrete, Applications in Wood, Steel Structures, Structural Health Monitoring and Intelligent Sensing, Heat Resistance, Piping, Wrapping and Jacketing FRP composite.

  D. Analysis and Safety

  Codes and Standards, Safety and Security, Environmental Impact, Modeling and Simulation, Low-Cost Composites, Recycling, Material Resistance Factors and Design Criteria, Renewable Materials Filled Composites, Simulation and Analysis of Functionally Graded Material (FGM).

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Wed 23 Dec 2020
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