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International Conference on the New Horizons in the Civil Engineering,Architecture and urbanization and Cites Cultural Management

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Conference Subjects: Architecture ، General Engineering
Conference Venue: Tehran

 Conference Topics:
  A: New Horizons in the Civil Engineering Field
Transportation and Traffic Engineering
Water and Water Resources Management Engineering
Construction Engineering – Urbanization Engineering
Surveying Engineering - Roads and Transportation Engineering
Earthquake Engineering - Soil and Foundation Mechanics Engineering
Environmental Engineering – Water and Wastewater Engineering
Tele-Metering Engineering – Construction Management Engineering
Concrete and Steel Structures Engineering – Hydraulic and Marine Structures Engineering
B: New Horizons in the Architectural Engineering Field
Construction and Architectural Arts
Landscape architecture - The energy of architecture
Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning
Industrial Design – Project and Construction Management
Interior Architecture – Design of Educational Spaces
Architectural Technology – Studies of Iran
Islamic Architecture – Islamic Iran Architectural History
Restoration of traditional structures – Repair and Restoration of Structures and Historical Tissues
C: New Horizons in the Urban Engineering Field
Islamic Urbanization
Urban Safety – Urban Economy
Distressed areas - sustainable Urbanization
Urban Transportation – New Urban Planning
New Urban Management - New Urban Planning
Tele-Metering and Geography Information System
Urban Environment- Society and Urban Culture
Planning and Land Use – meteorology
D: New Horizons in the Urban Cultural Management Field
Provide Development and Islamic-Iranian Urban Management Patterns
Appropriate Strategies of Development,Reconstruction and Urban Identity
New Educational Methods in Architectural and Islamic Urbanization
The Necessity of Attention to Professional Ethics and Education in the Architecture and Urbanization
Role of Architectural Engineering in Reducing of Society Social-Cultural Damages
Role of Urban Sociology and Environmental Psychology in Urban Cultural Development
Strategies of Reducing of Urban Pollutions,Mental and Social Security in Cities
Special Attention to Disaster Management Topics and Passive Defense in the Architecture and Urbanization

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Wed 03 May 2017
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