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Fourth National Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Conference Subjects: Computer Science ، Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Conference Venue: Tehran

Electrical Engineering Topics


� Wireless Communications

� Mobile and Wireless Networking

� Communication Theory

� Signal Processing for Communications

� Communication QoS, Reliability & Modeling

� Next-Generation Networking

� Communication and Information Systems Security

� Antenna Analysis and Design

� Radar Meteorology

� Microwave, Millimeter and Nanometer Components-

   Devices and Circuits



� Solid-State Circuits and Systems

� Analog and Digital Signal Processing

� Semiconductor Manufacturing & Modeling/Simulation

� Computer Aided Design (CAD)

� Optoelectronics

� Photonics



� System Modeling, Simulation and Control

� Artificial Intelligence

� Process Control & Automation

� Networked Control

� Robotics

� Intelligent systems and methods

� Signal Processing


� Power Electronics

� Smart‐Grid

� Power Quality

� Electrical Machines and Drivers

� Energy Management

� Protection

� Cyber and Physical Security Systems

� Microgrids

� Policy and Economics

� Power System Planning, Monitoring and Control



Biomedical Engineering

� Tele-Medicine, Tele-Surgery, Tele-Robotics

� Biomechatronics

� Bioinformatics


� Biophotonics

� Bioinstrumentation, Biosensors & Bio-Micro/Nano-


� Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

� Biorobotics

� Healthcare Information Systems & Telemedicine

� Body Area/Sensor Networks

� Bio-inspired, Neuromorphic Circuits and Systems



Computer Engineering Topics


Computer Science:

� Artificial Intelligence

� Software Engineering

� Computer Architecture

� IT and ICT Engineering

� Networking Engineering

� Algorithms and Calculations

Information Technology:

� Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing

� Computer Graphics and Simulating

� Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

� Multimedia systems, Game Engines and Animation

� E-Commerce, E-government, E-Learning, E-Business

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Wed 29 May 2019
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