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Fourth International Fisheries and Aquatic Research Congress

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Fourth International Fisheries and Aquatic Research Congress (2020-11-10 - 2020-11-12) by will be held in Tehran

Conference Subjects: Aquatic Science ، Marine Science and Technology
Conference Venue: Tehran


  Aquatic animal biology and stock assessment
    Aquatic stock enhancement
    Climate change and aquaculture
    Fish Aquaculture (Pond, Raceway, Cage, IMTA, Organic, Biofloc, RAS and semi RAS)
    Crustacean Aquaculture
    Mollusc and Echinoderm Aquaculture
    Algae and Seaweed Aquaculture and industrial applications
    Reproduction physiology and broodstock management
    Nutrition and live food in Aquaculture
    Fish welfare
    Genomic and Selective breeding
    Ornamental aquatics
    Aquatic animal Health & Diseases (Vaccination)

    Processing, co-products and value addition
    Markets and marketing
    New technologies in fisheries science (biotechnology, nanotechnology and nuclear science)
    Governance, policy and regulations: Strategic planning

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Tue 10 Nov 2020
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