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2nd International Conference on Recent Developments in Information Science, Engineering and Technology

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Conference Subjects: Engineering and Technology ، Psychology ، Arts and Humanities
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Introduction of the Conference

Technology, technology and engineering are special knowledge. These sciences have a bearing on the ever-increasing advancements of humanity and are rapidly changing. The efficiency of these sciences quickly influences human life and leads it towards better quality. Progress is being made on the path to innovation and the application of the knowledge of the day. This knowledge, along with the experiences and skills of the elite and the elite, leads to the scientific, industrial and economic prosperity of each country. Creativity and innovation, especially in the field of engineering and technology, are important because we live at times with limited resources. The only way out of the economic crisis, environmental crises, and increasing the country's strength is through the use of knowledge and innovation in all fields, especially in the fields of science, engineering and technology.

The modern world is the world of exchange of ideas and the creation of new ideas that promote the advancement of human knowledge in various fields of science and technology. In this regard, what seems important is to create an appropriate environment for building up existing capacities and building new ones. Consequently, specialized conferences in various sciences, in addition to creating the realm of these issues, can be considered as a good place for the creation of intellectual and exchange of views. New methods, applications and hardware are replaced every day by their rivals. If a person in the field of information technology science and engineering wants to keep his or her knowledge and information up-to-date, he must attend conferences and events related to these topics. The presentation of scientific ideas and commercialization of these ideas within the framework of the 2nd International Conference on Recent Developments in Information Science, Engineering and Technology, held on August 22, 2019 in the city of Tbilisi, Georgia, can be used for the movement and development of scientific foundations and Produces a production technology that has a purposeful mission and vision. The conference is designed to share the scientific experiences and practical experiences of researchers from all over the world and at various scientific levels. In addition to presenting the latest scientific, research and technology achievements in various fields of science, engineering, and technology, the conference will bring together collaborative and co-moderators to discuss and debate among professors, students, researchers and professionals in relation to new research projects and their perspectives, and There are also specialized training workshops.

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Thu 22 Aug 2019
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