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The 1st International Conference on The Internet of Things,Applications and Infrastructur

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Conference Subjects: Computer Science
Conference Venue: Isfahan

Main Topics:

Enabling Technologies/ Networking Technologies
-    Low power and energy harvesting sensors
-    Wireless Technologies,WSN
-    IoT networking Protocols
-    Data center design for IoT 
-    Network Design and Architectures for IoT
-    Mobile Technologies/Services for IoT
-    Machine to Machine communications (M2M/MTC)
-    Resource-constrained networks (Energy Efficiency,spectrum efficiency,etc.)
-    Future Internet architectures and IoT
-    Embedded softwares
-    Security,privacy-preserving and Trust mechanisms for IoT
-    Network management and IoT
-    Intelligent Systems for IoT
-    3D printing/scanning
-    advanced object identification and localization

IoT services,architectures,applications and standards
-    Web of things
-    Streaming data management and mining platforms
-    Service middleware
-    Cloud services and IoT
-    Fog-based IoT
-    Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality,human-to-object and object-to-object interactions
-    IoT and security management services
-    Things-centric,service-centric and data-centric architecture
-    Location aware/context aware services and IoT
-    IoT and eHealth services
-    Smart city applications and services
-    Smart Environments,environment monitoring 
-    Intelligent transportation,VANETs and IoV
-    smart grids,IoT for energy management
-    smart homes,Building automation and management
-    IoT for Agriculture and Industrial applications
-    IoT Standards
-    Economic aspects of IoT

IoT and Data Science
-    IoT data analytics,Physical world event processing and understanding
-    Semantic  data and IoT
-    Big Data
-    Smart Data 
-    Networking and Social Networks
-    Software Frameworks (MapReduce,Spark etc) and Simulations
-    Learning from big data

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Holding date:
Wed 19 Apr 2017
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