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11th International River Engineering Conference

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Conference Subjects: Water Resources Engineering ، Hydraulic And Dam Engineering
Conference Venue: Ahvaz

Following the successful holding of the 11th International Conference on River Engineering, the local organization is pleased to announce that the 11th International Conference on River Engineering (11th IREC) will be held on January 29-31, 2019 in Ahvaz city. The 11th IREC is a unique occasion which present and discuss the latest scientific researches, and to communicate with scientists, engineers, and researchers involved in all aspect of rivers.The conference will be held in order to exchange information and present the results of the latest research achievements in the field of river engineering, with emphasis on recent challenges, including climate change, droughts and the quantitative and qualitative water crisis of the rivers.Obviously, achieving the goals of the conference requires the active participation of specialists and researchers in various fields of water sciences engineering from all the world.Therefore, we are pleased to invite professors, researchers, specialists, authorities and students to participate actively in this important conference


Conference Topics:

The main focus of the conference: Drought, Consequences and Water Crisis Management

Other topics are as follows:

  • River Morphology, Sedimentation and Erosion

1-The effect of the stability of banks in river morphology 2- Simulation in river engineering

  • Modeling in River Engineering

1-Hydro informatics and capable software’s in river engineering2-Application of Physical and Laboratory models in river engineering3-Numerical studies in river engineering4-Physical, laboratory and numerical studies and the design and implementation of hydraulic structures related to river engineering

  • Hydraulic Structures in Rivers

1-Structural methods for river restoration and bank protection and river engineering2-Structural methods in the development of rivers and wetlands3- Flow regulating structures in rivers

  • The Effects of Inter-basin Transfers, Drought and Climate Change on Quantitative and Qualitative Changes in Rivers

1-Climate Change and drought management and its impact on rivers 2-The effects of drought and climate change in river regime and the role of virtual water in reducing the negative effects 3- Reducing the negative effects of  inter –basin water transfers

  • Flow and Sediment Hydraulics in Rivers

1- River Hydraulics2- Sediment and erosion Hydraulics

  • The effects of Pollution, Construction and Engineering Activities on the Ecosystems of Rivers

1-Economical, social, cultural and environmental aspects in river engineering2-Identifying , monitoring and controlling the sources of pollution in rivers3-Pollutants , biological indicators and bioremediation in rivers4-Investigating the environmental impacts of River structures5- Investigating the effect of river quality management on environmental6- Assessment of environmental impacts on River engineering projects7- Quality and quantity management of rivers8- The effect of return water and drainage water on the quantity and quality of rivers9- Refining and reallocating water for agricultural and industrial uses in river basin

  • Application of GIS, RS and Value Engineering in River Engineering

1- Application of RS & GIS, in River engineering and protection and banks and flood control2-Application of remote sensing and geographic information systems in water management

  • New Techniques in Measuring and Monitoring Flow and Sediment rate in Rivers

1-The use of new technologies in improving the quality and quantity of water acceptors2-Evaluation of new methods for monitoring water quality and quantity in rivers

  • The Economical, Social, Legal, Political and Cultural effects of River Engineering Activities

1-Value engineering and engineering economics and risk assessment in river management2-Engineering Economics in river management3-Aspects of governance , legal and political issues in river engineering4-Determination of the location of the bed and bank and the legal frontage of  river banks and prevention of  manipulation in the bed and legal privacy5-Investigation of the rules and regulations for the operation of  rivers due to the legal , political and social issues6- Investigating the economical , social and legal effects of river engineering activities ·       Hydraulical, environmental and organizational issues of estuary in tidal rivers1. Hydraulic flow in tidal rivers2. Salinity control and flow quality parameters in drought   conditions in tidal rivers3.  Erosion, sedimentation and navigation in tidal rivers ·       Crisis Management in Rivers1-Risk assessment and crisis management in river engineering2-The application of risk analysis in river engineering3-The effect of river management in agriculture4-River Engineering in relation to different stages of the crisis ( prevention , extrusion , response , reconstruction and rehabilitation )·       Optimization and Risk analysis in river engineering1-evaluation of risk and crisis management in river engineering 2-The application of risk analysis in river engineering

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