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13th annual international addiction science congress

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Conference Subjects: Substance Abuse
Conference Venue: Tehran

محور هاي همايش 

Addiction Biology

Addiction among Women, Children & Other Specific Groups

Alcohol & Nicotine Dependence

Behavioral Addictions

Diagnostic & Evaluative Tools

Education in Addiction Science

Epidemiology of Drug Use

Harm Reduction

Human Neuroscience & Cognitive Neuroscience

Media and Social Networks for Addiction Science

Medical Comorbidities of Addiction

Mutual-Help Groups; Peer-Group Counsellors and 12 Steps Programs

Neuro modulation and Other Non-Pharmacological Biological Treatments

Nursing and Addiction

Personal Practice & Experience


Policy Making and Legal Aspects of Addiction


Psychiatric Comorbidities of Addiction

Psychotherapy and Social Work Interventions

Rehabilitation and Reintegration

Sociocultural and Economic Aspects of Addiction

Toxicology and Chemistry of Substances

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Wed 21 Aug 2019
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