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5th Conference on Sustainable Architecture and City

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Conference Subjects: Architecture
Conference Venue: Tehran


Conference topics

Coverage will include but is not limited to:


Architectural Topics:

Architecture and Sustainable Development

Renewable energy in architecture

Culture, Art and Architecture

Restoration of textures and monuments

Islamic Architecture and Urbanism

Theories and new technologies in architecture

Decorative architecture

Interior Architecture

Conceptualism in architecture

Aesthetics in architecture


Urban planning Topics:

Sustainability in Urbanism

Sustainability and environment

Sustainable development and urban density

The potentials of urban development

Transportation systems

Regional and Urban Planning

Urbanism and Urban development

New cities and sustainable development of cities

Demolition Engineering in the construction industry

Social interactions in urban spaces

Planning, management, and urban design

Resistance and refurbishment of urban buildings

Basics and principles of demolition engineering, management, and demolition monitoring

The role of the substitution of commercial centers in urban traffic

Urban Management

Car-free cities

Environmental Topics:

Waste and environmental pollution

Solutions for consumption reduction and management

Green space and urban environment

Landscape Topics:

Landscape and aesthetics

Road landscape

Healing landscape

Treatment landscape

Landscape of Educational Spaces

Urban landscape

Urban, local, and regional gardens

Historical landscape

Cultural landscape

Industrial landscape

Agricultural landscape

Landscape and Tourism

Environmental Graphics Topics:

Environmental Art (Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urbanism)


Conference message:

After holding successful 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th National Conference on Sustainable Architecture and City hosted by the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University in Tehran, the university is hosting the 5th International Conference on Sustainable Architecture and City. This international conference will be held with the aim of bringing together the knowledge as well as introducing new and innovative findings in various fields of Sustainable architecture and city, Urbanization, Islamic architecture, Sustainable landscape and Environmental arts. Providing opportunity for interacting with professors, researchers, experts, and policy makers in the mentioned areas, reviewing scientific and practical challenges are among other aims of the conference. In this regard, the scientific and executive committee of this conference invites all professors, researchers, and authors to submit their researches and achievements in the form of scientifically and applied papers to the secretariat of the conference in the key topics of the conference.

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Holding date:
Sat 29 Feb 2020
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