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Caspian Journal of Mathematical Sciences (CJMS), is a peer reviewed and open access journal which is supported scientifcally and financially by University of Mazandaran (Babolsar, IRAN). CJMS welcomes original and significant contributions. Invited review articles and topics of general interest are included and special issues are published occasionally. Publishing process (submission, editorial process, review process, publication and effluence process) are all free of charge in CJMS.

  • Mathematical Analysis (Functional Analysis, Operator Theory and applicationsin PDE theory)
  • Algebra (Rings and Modules, Groups and discrete structures and applications)
  • Differetntial geometry and Topology
  • Dynamical Systems
  • Applied Mathematics (Numerical analysis and OR)
  • Miscellaneous Topics
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Caspian Journal of Mathematical Sciences

Journal Subjects: Theory and Mathematics
Journal Languages: English
Publisher: دانشگاه مازندران
Release order: سالانه
ISBN: 1735-0611
Founded Year: 2011
Published in:: Iran

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Type: State University
Total Papers: 12316
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