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Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics

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The JACM is a quarterly archival journal which aims to provide an international forum for the exchange of analytical, computational and experimental works in all topics related to mechanical science and engineering. It welcomes high-quality original research papers from contributors throughout the world. All papers are subject to a peer reviewing procedure. Types of accepted papers include:

  • Original research papers
  • Notes and technical briefs

Authors are encouraged to submit their original manuscripts online via the website:

All papers are subject to a peer reviewing procedure. The manuscript should be written in good English. It should have been carefully checked for clarity, conciseness, correctness of grammar, and typographical errors.

While preparing manuscripts, authors are kindly requested to follow the guidelines, described below:

  •  All papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx).
  • The file should include text (preferably in 12 point, “Times New Roman” font) and all figures (figures should be at the end of the text).
  • The manuscript pages should be prepared with double-line spacing, one column and a margin of at least 4 cm on one side.
  • All papers should be composed of Title, Author Name, Affiliation, Corresponding author email, Abstract, Keywords, Body and References.
  • The title should not contain abbreviations or formulae and should not be longer than three lines.
  • The use of abbreviations should be avoided in the abstract, if possible and all abbreviations must be explained when used in the text for the first.
  • References should be numbered in the order they are mentioned in the text.

Paper Template:

Publication of any manuscript in the JACM requires strict conformance to the paper template. Nevertheless, initial submission of the manuscript for the first round of reviewing process, need not be compliant with the template. Upon acceptance of the paper, the template will be sent to the authors and they will be asked to submit the paper which is compliant with the journal template.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. 

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Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics

Journal Subjects: Electrical and Electronic Engineering، Mechanical Engineering
Journal Languages: English
Publisher: دانشگاه شهید چمران اهواز
Release order: فصلی
eISBN: 2383-4536
Founded Year: 2015
Published in:: Iran

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Type: State University
Total Papers: 26077
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Secretariat Address: Shahid Chamran University, Golestan Street, Ahvaz, 61357-43337 Iran
Postal Code: 61357-43337
Tel : 09177096626
Fax: 06133336642
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