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Journal of Horticulture and Postharvest Research

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The aims of the Journal of Horticulture and Postharvest Research (JHPR) are to stimulate scientific research and raise current knowledge in horticultural plants and products all around the world.

The Horticulture and Postharvest Research (JHPR) is an international multidisciplinary peer-reviewed, journal published by University of Birjand (UB) semi-annually in March and September. Scientific publishing is usually a slow process; however, JHPR is capable of ensuring rapid review/publication process within 3-4 months. Following acceptance, a paper will normally be available online soon and be published in the next issue. The journal is available as an Open Access journal on the Web.

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Journal of Horticulture and Postharvest Research

Journal Subjects: Soil Science، Agricultural Science
Journal Languages: English
Publisher: دانشگاه بیرجند
Release order: دوفصلی
ISBN: 2588-4883
eISBN: 2588-6169
Founded Year: 2017
Published in:: Iran

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Type: State University
Total Papers: 13414
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