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Journal of Water and Environmental Nanotechnology

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Journal of Water and Environmental Nanotechnology (JWENT), Abbreviated as J Water Environ Nanotechnol, is an international, quarterly, peer-reviewed, scientific journal published in association with Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) and Iranian Environmental Mutagen Society, devoted to the dissemination of original research articles and topical reviews on water and environmental nanotechnology and related issues such as  nano-safety, monitoring and management studies. Mutational bases of the effects of nanotechnology on environment also fall within the scope of the journal.  The journal is intended to provide state-of-the-art expositions of latest advances by theoretical, numerical and experimental studies across the spectrum of the field, from scientific enquiries to practical applications. The journal can cover nanoscale science and technology relevant to water and environment, risk assessment activities and regulatory policies on issues of environmental and human health and nano-focused water and environmental research as well as environmental mutation area. This journal intends to be interests of international scholars,   researchers, practitioners and academic members, industrial and governmental sectors

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Journal of Water and Environmental Nanotechnology

Journal Subjects: Environmental Sciences (General) ، Environmental Technology, Policy and Management
Journal Languages: English
Publisher: انجمن مواد جهش زای زیست محیطی ایران
Journal Lever: علمی-پژوهشی
Release order: فصلی
ISBN: 2476-7204
eISBN: 2476-6615
MSRT Licence: 417
Founded Year: 2016
Published in:: Iran

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Secretariat Address: Nanotechnology Research Institute, Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, Shariati Av., Babol, Mazandaran, Iran.
Postal Code: 47148-71167
Postal Box: 484
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Fax: 011-32320342
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