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Papers of Iranian Journal of Polymer Science and Technology, IJPST, Vol. 21, Issue 5

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Iranian Journal of Polymer Science and Technology, IJPST

Journal Subjects: Life Sciences، Physical Science and Engineering، Energy and Power، Energy (General)، Fossil Fuels، Chemistry (General)، Organic Chemistry، Analytical Chemistry، Materials Science، Biomaterials ، Materials Science (General) ، Polymer Science and Technology ، Composites ، Materials Engineering
Journal Languages: Persian
Publisher: پژوهشگاه پلیمر و پتروشیمی ایران
Journal Lever: علمی-پژوهشی
Release order: دوماهانه
ISBN: 1016-3255
eISBN: 2008-0883
Founded Year: 1989
Published in:: Iran Polymer Society

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Type: Research Center
Total Papers: 4373
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