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Bike sharing and cycling behaviors in Tehran (Case Study: District 8)

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Year: 2011
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Authors Bike sharing and cycling behaviors in Tehran (Case Study: District 8)


Cycling is flexible, healthy, environment friendly and could help reduce congestion, Air pollution, parking needs and energy consumption. Bike sharing is an exciting new model of public-private transportation provision that has quickly emerged in Tehran and Iranian cities in the past two years. Bike sharing system implemented as a pilot in district 8 of Tehran municipality. This article introduces, analysis and compare the system achievements with some European, American and Asian countries. After 2 years from implementation of bike sharing system, we examine whether biking is known as mode of transport, And how is the customer behaviors in district 8. This article could help know the system better and make appropriate decisions for Extending through all Districts of Tehran.


Bike sharing, behavior, District 8 of Tehran

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COI code: CITYBIKE01_022

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