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High-performance anti-corrosion paint for natural gas pipeline andinstallation

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Year: 2017
COI code: CMTS01_336
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Authors High-performance anti-corrosion paint for natural gas pipeline andinstallation

  Mohammad Soleimani Lashkenari - Faculty of Modern Technologies Engineering, Amol University of Special Modern Technologies, Amol, Iran.Fuel Cell Electrochemistry and Advanced Material Research Laboratory.


Pipelines play an extreme important role throughout the word as a means of transporting gases over long distances. Natural gas industries are demanding anti-corrosion coating with high performance and durable in harshenvironment such as cold and hot weather, acid rain, etc. In this study PANI/Fe3O4 nanocomposite was used as an additive for modification of anti-corrosion properties of alkyd paint. To find the best composition of nanocomposite inpaint, 9% additive and 12% additive were prepared and were tested on laboratory scale using electrochemical technique. Scanning electron microscopy, Transmission electron microscopy and Fourier transform infraredspectroscopy were utilized to investigate morphology, particle size and chemical structure of nanocomposite. Paint was coated on the surface of steel sample and for evaluating anti-corrosion properties of paint, Tafel polarization carried out. Results showed modified paint by 9% nanocomposite additive had the best anti-corrosion performance with corrosion current density of 2.41 × 10-9 A/cm2.


Anti-corrosion paint, Conductive polymer, Polyaniline, Electrochemistry

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COI code: CMTS01_336

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