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Agile Software Engineering vs Traditional Methods

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Year: 2018
COI code: ECIT01_154
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Authors Agile Software Engineering vs Traditional Methods

Ehsan Azizi Khadem - Department of computer engineering Lorestan University Khorramabad, Iran


Rapid development of hardware in computer systems caused a deep hole between software and hardware usability and performance. Computer hardware has great growing in technology and tremendous increasing in speed and accuracy. New hardware segments are too smaller and electronic circuits that used in them are very integrated. Software must use capability of hardware in a computer system but software development is slower than hardware growing. When a team want to implement a software product, it consumes long time and human power. One of the reasons of this gap, is that we have not powerful methods to generate a software for several years. In 21th century, many software development methodologies presented for improving software producing. Although it was a great success and is saved time and software specialist effort, but unable to save time properly. Agile software engineering is used for solving this problem and improving time consuming of a software project production. It has several methods to implements rapid requirement capture, design, coding and testing a software project. in this paper, we explain about agile methods definition and characteristics and compare it with traditional methods in software engineering.


Agile, Software Engineering, Methodology,Traditional Methods

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COI code: ECIT01_154

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