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توانش ميان فرهنگي: اصل فراموش شده در كتابهاي درسي زبان انگليسي ايرانيان

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Authors توانش ميان فرهنگي: اصل فراموش شده در كتابهاي درسي زبان انگليسي ايرانيان

  Sorayya Mozaffarzadeh - University of Tabriz
Parviz Ajideh - English Department, Literature faculty, Tabriz university, Tabriz, Iran


As an important focus of modern language education, intercultural language learning reflects greater awareness of the inseparability of language and culture and the need for providing the learners with materials concerning teaching intercultural communication to enhance learners’ intercultural competence in an increasingly multicultural world. Proper development of a learners’ understanding of another culture’s perspective and worldview is an essential of effective communication. Regarding the significance of issues, the present study is an attempt to consider the trend of addressing culture in Iranian ETL textbooks at the high school level of education before and after the Islamic Revolution. The research findings indicated that the cultural contents are neglected in the ELT textbooks used both pre- and post-Islamic revolution. Therefore, due to overlooking learners’ cultural communicative needs intentionally or unintentionally, Iranian ELT textbooks are insufficient materials for teaching communicative language and in overall teaching culture-general skills such as intercultural competence and understanding. It is noteworthy that this study recommends constructive changes in textbooks to make them more communicative and more consistent with the students’ needs and expectations.


Intercultural Competence, Culture, Target Culture, Source Culture, High School English Textbooks, ELT in Iran

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