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In-Plane Analysis of an FGP Plane Weakened by Multiple Moving Cracks

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Year: 2020
COI code: JR_JSMA-12-2_013
Paper Language: English

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Authors In-Plane Analysis of an FGP Plane Weakened by Multiple Moving Cracks

  R Bagheri - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Karaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Karaj, Iran
  M Mahmoudi Monfared - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hashtgerd Branch, Islamic Azad University, Hashtgerd, Iran


In this paper, the analytical solution of an electric and Volterra edge dislocation in a functionally graded piezoelectric (FGP) medium is obtained by means of complex Fourier transform. The system is subjected to in-plane mechanical and electrical loading. The material properties of the medium vary exponentially with coordinating parallel to the crack. In this study, the rate of the gradual change of the shear moduli and mass density is assumed to be same. At first, the Volterra edge dislocation solutions are employed to derive singular integral equations in the form of Cauchy singularity for an FGP plane containing multiple horizontal moving cracks. Then, these equations are solved numerically to obtain dislocation density functions on moving crack surfaces. Finally, the effects of the crack moving velocity, material properties, electromechanical coupling factor and cracks arrangement on the normalized mode I and mode II stress intensity factors and electric displacement intensity factor are studied.


Mixed mode loading, Multiple moving cracks, Functionally graded piezoelectric materials, Dislocation technique, Field intensity factors

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COI code: JR_JSMA-12-2_013

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