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On the Monotone Mappings in CAT(0) Spaces

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Year: 2020
COI code: JR_SCMA-17-2_007
Paper Language: English

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Authors On the Monotone Mappings in CAT(0) Spaces

Davood Afkhami Taba - Department of Mathematics, Bandar Abbas Branch, Islamic Azad University, P.O.Box 79158-93144, Bandar Abbas, Iran.
  Hossein Dehghan - Department of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS), Gava Zang, P.O.Box 45137-66731, Zanjan, Iran


In this paper, we first introduce a monotone mapping and its resolvent in general metric spaces.Then, we give two new iterative methods  by combining the resolvent method with Halpern s iterative method and viscosity approximation method for  finding a fixed point of monotone mappings and a solution of variational inequalities. We prove convergence theorems of the proposed iterations  in CAT(0) metric spaces.


Monotone mapping, Nonexpansive mapping, Variational inequality, Fixed point, CAT(0) metric space

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COI code: JR_SCMA-17-2_007

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