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Studying the Effect of Rantierism on the Relationship between Government and Nation

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Authors Studying the Effect of Rantierism on the Relationship between Government and Nation

  Saeed Chehrazad - Department of Political Science, Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran, Iran


In the field of politics, a variety of trends are presented for studying policy so that research activities are not done based on theory, per se. Until a few decades ago, politics and economics were considered to be two separate issues in the analyses. It is said that liberalism was the underlying reason for the predominance which rejected the relationship between politics and economics. Liberals considered production-distribution-consumption-based economy which follows natural law, while in a political system where there is the power and decision making, the desirable coordination does not exist. This was the dominant view before political economy trend was developed in 1970s. According to the trend, it was no longer possible to take policy and economy as separate phenomena. Economy is related to challenge and power relationships and policy is about decisions determining who grants the advantages and who receives them. No doubt, governments are influenced by both political and economic considerations. In a considerable part of government policies, it is possible to observe the interaction and closeness of economy and policy. The current study aimed at studying the concept of rantier government discussed in the political economy trend as an approach regarding government in terms of its internal and external aspects and the basis of the approach, i.e. rejecting the idea that government is an impartial and neutral object. 


Civil Society, , Political economy, Rantierism, Rantier government

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