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Genetic Resources of Saffron and Allies (Crocus spp.)

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Year: 2006
COI code: SAFFRON02_022
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Authors Genetic Resources of Saffron and Allies (Crocus spp.)

J.A Fernández - Laboratorio de Biotechnología, Instituto de Desarrollo Regional Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha Campus Universitario s/n


Saffron is the highest valuable food product and one of the oldest crops and medicinal plants. Saffron crop is subject to strong genetic erosion. Until now no international institution has taken the responsibility of the creation and maintenance of a collection representative of the genetic variability of the crop and its allies. Recently, the European Commission has approved an Agri Gen Res 2005 project on “Genetic Resources of Saffron and Allies (Crocus spp.): CROCUSBANK”, coordinated by this author. The objective of our consortium, composed by 14 groups of 9 EU and non-EU countries, is to create, characterise and exploit a germplasm collection (bank) in Crocus species, including Saffron crocus. This collection is an urgent need for Saffron breeders and farmers, as pointed out in the 1st ISSBB (Albacete, Spain). The present paper explains the background, objectives, organization and technologies to be applied in the development of the project.


bank of germplasm, biodiversity, Crocus sativus, CROCUSBANK

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COI code: SAFFRON02_022

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