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Assessing the CBI Supervisory-Policy Guidelines of the Banking System (2008-2011)

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Year: 2012
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Authors Assessing the CBI Supervisory-Policy Guidelines of the Banking System (2008-2011)

Fathollah Tari - Associate Professor of Allameh Tabataba i University, Faculty of Economics
  Samad Aziznejad - Ph.D Student of Economics, Mofid University, Qom and Expert of Majlis Research Center,


One of the main subjects in short-run policy making of monetary system, is the policy-supervisorial documents released by central bank of IRAN. above mentioned documents perform as directions for monetary system during each year. These documents were prepared and released from 2008 to present time. Investigations show that however many weaknesses and strengths can be found but policymaker can generalizes such policies to medium and long term periods for diminution the existing weaknesses . This paper studies some principal variables such as profit rates, deposit and Sukuk, moreover, evaluates Required Reserves, Credit Ceiling and some aspects of supervision segment of central bank. Consideration the experiences of some lucrative central banks and based on extracted results from the analyzes of the present paper, introduces some policy recommendations.


Central Bank, Policy, Interest Rate, Facilities, Deposit, Performance and Supervision

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COI code: ACMFEP22_072

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