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Retrofit Solutions for Banks in The Financial Crisis (Experience of European Union and lessons For Iran’s Banking System)

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Year: 2013
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Authors Retrofit Solutions for Banks in The Financial Crisis (Experience of European Union and lessons For Iran’s Banking System)

  AbdolNaser Hemmati - Faculty member of Tehran University, Chief executive officer of Sina Bank
  Mehdi Ghasemi AliAbadi - Ph.D. Student of Islamic Economics, Head of the Research Department of Sina Bank,


The World Financial Crisis-originating from subprime mortgage loans in U.S. and granting those loans to the customers with low credit records-began in 2007, thenbecame huge economic and political crisis and developed all around the world. Europe was not an exception. Banking sector-though was not the unique source ofthat challenge-rested at the center of that crisis and saw irretrievable losses. European Union has done some structural changes in its banking sector to lower thevulnerability of European financial institutions against such shocks. Analysis of those reforming changes would be instructive for our banking sector; which has seenincreasing growth in recent years. In this paper we have dealt with different waves of financial crisis, and studied their role in creation of the banking crisis. Over-increasing growth of financial sector in the members of European Union-compared to their GDP growth and inconsistent with their real economy growth-is amongst the subjects we have reviewed. Monetary system of Iran will be studied from this perspective too. We will also explain the system of structural reforms of banking sector in that union-which are designed and implemented to restore the safe, stable and efficient banking sector in the member states-and describe the necessity of similar reforms in our banking sector. In addition to explaining the experiences of European Union-relating to retrofit of banking sector in the member states-we will pay attention to this question: What kinds of reforms are necessary for our banking sector to be able to stand against the crises and fluctuations in the real sector of the economy; and save the interests of depositors and shareholders in this sector


Financial Crisis, European Union, Banking Sector, Monetary Market, Monetary and Financial Institutions.

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COI code: ACMFEP23_053

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