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Nanotechnology and efficacy of it on mosit places in architecture

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Year: 2016
COI code: AICT01_042
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Authors Nanotechnology and efficacy of it on mosit places in architecture

Sajjad abbasi - The effect of Nano tech on the drenched spaces in inner architect


the inner Architect is the soul of Architecture and its purpose is to refine physical and mental elements of inner spaces, and making daily activities easier. For reaching this goal, it’s better to work throughout the new technologies and planning based on it Nano technology is a new science, and experts be live that it will have on important role in near future. The say that they can use in many aspect of human lives.In this tech, many condition like, color, firmness and fragility can be controlled, finding suitable materials whit special condition in many part of the buildings through our needs and working on the heating and cooling system reduced the using of energy.Today new science, like Nano tech, because of cheapness, making relaxing atmosphere and its high revenue, are highly used In this article, we introduce Nano tech and its use in inner spaced, especially in materials


nano technology , energy , nano material , Wet spaces

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COI code: AICT01_042

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