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Locatting tthe urban functions using gravity and access models effecting on shopping centers

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Year: 2014
Paper Language: English

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Authors Locatting tthe urban functions using gravity and access models effecting on shopping centers

SeyyedAsgar MirFathollahi -
Reza Kakvan -
Kaveh zallnezhad -


Thiis essay bears a systtemattiic opiiniion ttowards tthe suggestted priinciiplles regardiing access ttourban serviices.. Thiis research iis aboutt tthe ciittiizens'' wellfare,, sociiall jjusttiice,,space- framediispersiion of equiipmentt iin Ramsar Ciitty and tthe llastt,, tthe executtiion of tthiis metthodwhiichcreattes tthiis novell ciitty..The resulltt of tthe research iindiicattes tthatt by usiing tthe rulles of ttheciittiies haviing viiciiniitty uniitts and good serviices iin desiigniing tthe ciittiies,, tthe ciitty wiillll iimprove ttheenviironmenttall qualliitty and allso remaiin good memoriies iin tthe ciittiizens'' miind..Obviiouslly,, tthepurpose of tthiis research iis tto presentt metthods for betttter serviice tto ciittiizens and for a consttanttdevellopmentt (wiitth) defiiniitte and siigniifiicantt pllan iinspiired by urban managementt.. Itt iis eviidentttthatt tthe majjor aiim of tthiis essay,, wiitth greatt iideas ttowards urban probllems,, iis tto achiieve sociialljjusttiice iin tthe ciitty..The resulltts show tthatt tthe access tto urban serviices regardiing diispersiion,,arrangiing,, llocattiingand so fortth,, iis quiitte benefiiciiall..Furtthermore,, tthe sttattiisttiicall metthods,, used iin tthe research,, can be diiviided iintto ttwo groups,,iinferenttiiall and descriipttiive sttattiisttiic metthods..The descriipttiive sttattiisttiic metthods such as meanandfrequency diisttriibuttiion ttablles are used tto reviiew and descriibe tthe respondentts'' generallparttiicullars.. The iinferenttiiall sttattiisttiic metthods are expllaiined bellow briieflly,, as wellll.. Theanallysiis of tthe exttantt datta has been done by SPSS and LISREL softtware.


Urban Serviices, preparattiion of urban equipment, avalablity, Ramsar City

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