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A New Approach for Measurement of Tensile Strength of Concrete

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Year: 2015
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Authors A New Approach for Measurement of Tensile Strength of Concrete

  V Sarfarazi - Department of Mining Engineering, Hamedan University of Technology, Hamedan, Iran


Tensile strength is one of the important strength parameters of concrete. Indirect methods have been used up till now for its measurement. These methods though widely accepted, do notfurnish the true tensile strength of concrete. In this paper, a compression to tensile loadtransformer device is developed to determine direct tensile strength of concrete. The cubicconcrete samples with dimension of 11*11*6 cm containing internal pore with dimension of51mm is prepared using the mixture of cement, fine sand and water. This model is subjected todirect tensile loading by special loading device. A series of finite element analysis are performedusing FRANC2D to analyze the effect of pore diameter on the stress concentration around thepore and to render a suitable criteria for determination of real tensile strength of concrete.Concurrent with direct tensile test, Brazilian test is performed to compare the results of twomethods. Results obtained by this test are quite encouraging and shows that the direct tensilestrength is clearly lower than the Brazilian test. The difference between the Brazilian and directtensile strengths is about 333.


compression to tensile load convertor, tensile strength of concrete

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