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Bioinformaticsanalysisoflong- non-coding RNA (LncRNA) in azoospermia

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Year: 2018
COI code: BIOCONF20_468
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Authors Bioinformaticsanalysisoflong- non-coding RNA (LncRNA) in azoospermia

  Fatemeh Rajabi Dehnavi - Genetic Division, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Isfahan, Iran
  Majid Motovali-Bashi, - Genetic Division, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Isfahan, Iran
  Seyed-Morteza Javadirad - Genetic Division, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Isfahan, Iran


Azoospermia is the cause of about 20% of infertility in men and disorder in regulating the expression of genes involved in fertility can be effective in the creation of this problem. A high percentage of transcripts within a eukaryotic cell are non-coding and regulatory, and these regulatory molecules include miRNAs and LncRNAs. One of the tasks of LncRNAs is the regulation of miRNAs balance, and by removing LncRNAs, the effect of miRNAs on target mRNAs increases. In this study,functional miRNA (hsa-miR-7-1-3p) in testicular tissue of azoospermic individuals were identified by using the HMDD database. It should be noted that the target genes of this miRNA were previously predicted via TargetScan and DAVID databases. Then using the NONCODE and DIANA databases and with the help of LncBase v.2, the hsa-miR-7-1-3p interaction with probable LncRNA was investigated. The results from the databases showed that IPW as an LncRNA is very likely to have negative regulatory effects on hsa-miR-7-1-3p.It can be predicted that IPW has been reduced in azoospermia and as a result, the expression of miRNAs affected by it increases. Finally, reduced expression occurs in Rb1 and Pik3r3 as target genes of has-miR-7-1-3p. These target genes are expressed in testicular tissue and play a crucial role in apoptosis of the germ cells. By decreasing the expression of these genes, the number of non-differentiated sperm increased and as a result azoospermia occurs. Therefore, it may be possible to use these regulatory molecules as newbiomarkers to diagnose azoospermia


Azoospermia, LncRNA, miRNA

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COI code: BIOCONF20_468

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