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The Study of Ghadamgah Garden in Neyshabur and Examination of the Garden Systems

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Authors The Study of Ghadamgah Garden in Neyshabur and Examination of the Garden Systems

  Muhammad Beheshti - President of Research Institute of Cultural Heritage–Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization
  Mohebbeh Kheyrandish - M.A. in repair and restoration of the historical monuments and structures ,Faculty of Art and Architecture of IslamicAzad University, Central Tehran Branch


One of the most beautiful manifestations of form and sense originating from Iranian beliefs isthat of Iranian Garden. The garden like other historical resources features a development andhistory process specific to itself (birth, growth, transformation and downfall), reflecting thesociety and the culture creating and bearing a relationship with it. As time goes by andregarding the increasing inattentions to protecting the historical gardens ,we witness thefrequent manipulations in different and important systems of the historical garden, by whicheach of those principles is violated, that each of which is considered a historical work itself i.e.the systems which are considered the value and existential basis for the work. The presentarticle attempts to generally know and introduce the work using the method of historical studyand examination of the documents and documentaries related to the background of historicalGhadamgah Garden of Neyshabur, and examine the interferences in working, geometrical,watering and planting systems of the garden and finally to achieve the historical systems of theGarden.


Protection, Geometrical System, Planting System ,Watering System

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