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Sustainable Approaches for Environmental Center Design of Iran 1404 (IEC 2025) in Aras Free Trade Zone

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Year: 2015
COI code: CAMU01_276
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Authors Sustainable Approaches for Environmental Center Design of Iran 1404 (IEC 2025) in Aras Free Trade Zone

Mortaza Ghaffarzadeh - M.Sc., Department of Architecture, Jolfa International Branch, Islamic Azad University, Jolfa, Iran
  Freidoun Nahidi Azar - Assistant Prof. Dr., Department of Architecture, Shabestar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shabestar, Iran
Hossein Ghaffarzadeh - Assistant Prof. Dr., Department of Civil Engineering, Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran,


The present world and also Iran faced with several ecological problems and climate change challenges, then by implementing the results of the applied research and studies in ecological centers which have the expertise in the field of environment, newenergy resources, threats of pollutants, etc. is essential for Iran. The ecological research-operational center of Iran (IEC 2025) has been designed in a land with an approximate area of 2 acres and foundation of 8000 m2 in Aras Free Trade IndustrialZone in northwest Iran with a sustainable solar architecture both in micro and macro scales in which the site, capacity and spaces have been integrated by considering climate and site conditions as well as other restrictions, requirements and new energyoperating effective technologies in order to fulfill Iran’s 25-year development perspective so that while examining and processing environmental data and particularly pollutants, it can meet the experts’ and even other fellowmen’s educational and training requirements in ecological fields and help expand the new designing culture, construction and accomplish ecological buildings in this area and Iran. While this center can provide major part of the energy it requires, it represents itsown effective capability in energy as well as other ecological matters, and provides concrete implementation of solar energy both in micro and macro scales; it also has the ability to enhance the ecological purposes to perform them through scientificoperational attempts. In the present article, approaches in solar architecture in designing IEC 2025 and in the two levels of inactive solar systems (effective use of a construction’s architectural elements in relation to solar radiation including transparent and solid elements such as windows, walls, internal and external surfaces and so on without meeting any mechanical systems) and active solar systems (based on using solar water heating systems and photovoltaic) and also their agreement they have with one another in energy and construction of details are being studied.


Environmental Center, Sustainable Architecture, Solar Energy, Ecology

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COI code: CAMU01_276

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