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Urban Morphology and Microclimate: Street Design and Layout Effects on Air and Solar Access in Urban Canyons

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Year: 2016
COI code: CAUEM02_034
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Authors Urban Morphology and Microclimate: Street Design and Layout Effects on Air and Solar Access in Urban Canyons

Mehdi Makvandi - Doctoral Student, School of Architecture and urban planning, Huazhong University of Science and Technolog Wuhan, Hubei, China.
Baofeng Li - Professor and register architect, School of architecture and urban planning, Huazhong university of Science an Technology. School of architecture and urban planning, Wuhan, China.


There is broad consensus among scientists that urban climate has effective impacts on the indigenous and world climate which is subjected to several parameters such as urban morphology, mass density, urban transportation, and the properties of plants and urban geometry; of which inappropriate application can cause significant changes to create a special microclimate of urban zones. Therefore, to create this, as a main gold of sustainability, concentrating on streets as a main part of urban geometry is essential as the orientation and street design have a significant roles in term of solar irradiation absorption by surface. This study deliberates the recent works and suggestions for the special effects of street geometry and design on the urban microclimate with emphasizing the effects of streets geometry and orientation on airflow and solar access in an urban canyon. These investigations have shown that Specific design of street’s geometry and orientation are very necessary to achieve a desirable urban microclimate in an urban canyon with a view to sustainability


Urban morphology, Urban microclimate, airflow and solar momentum, street’s orientation and geometry

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COI code: CAUEM02_034

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