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Influence of Hydrocolloids in Quality Improvement of Bakery Products

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Year: 2018
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Authors Influence of Hydrocolloids in Quality Improvement of Bakery Products

  Sara Naji-Tabasi - Department of Food Nanotechnology, Research Institute of Food Science and Technology Mashhad, Iran


Bread is one of the products, which is consumed widely in the world, and using of additives to improve and maintain its quality is increasing. Hydrocolloids applied as an additive in various industries, which include a variety of polysaccharides. By dissolving hydrocolloids in water, viscosity increases and has a remarkable effect on the organoleptic and textural properties of foods. Hydrocolloids in the bread formulation can cause structural change in the components of wheat flour during the bread production and storage stages. Therefore affect the functional characteristics of the dough and bread, which dependes to the nature, origin and size of the them and the amount of hydrocolloids used in the formulation. Hydrocolloids are used in the bakery industry to improve the rheology and texture of the product, gas retention in the dough, starch gelatinization and reduce the rate of retrograding, increase water preservation and stability of dough during freezing / defrost. Due to their polymer structure of hydrocolloids, they are used in the formulation of gluten-free breads as a gluten substitute. In this paper, reviewed the investigations of hydrocolloids effects on the microscopic and macroscopic structure of bread, bread staling, the quality of fresh and frozen dough and gluten-free.


Staling, Rheological and Textural Properties, Dough, Bread, Hydrocolloid

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COI code: CFAS01_402

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