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Investigation of association among SNPrs:12676 in CHDH gene and azoospermia in Iranian population

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Year: 2014
COI code: CIGS13_0104
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Authors Investigation of association among SNPrs:12676 in CHDH gene and azoospermia in Iranian population

Narjes Bakhtari - Tehran, ShahidBeheshti University
Masoud Sheidai - Tehran, ShahidBeheshti University
  Hamid Gurabi - Tehran, Royan Institute
Esmat Ghalkhani - Tehran, ShahidBeheshti University


Introduction: Infertility is a complex clinical problem that affect of couples. Half of these cases arise from male factors. Azoospermiais a condition in there is no sperm in semen of patient.CHDH codes the Choline dehydrogenase enzyme which acts in mitochondria and produces ATP moleculeand has a role in it,s motility. Purpose: A case-control population study was performed to:1) find the diversity among the two different populations of Iran, the North and the Center in totally 58 samples, 2) investigation the association of the SNPrs: 12676(G T) in CHDH with azoospermia in both groups. Material and methods: Two separated population of Center and North of Iran( In Royan Institute)were collected .A 243segment of the gene was amplified using PCR.all sampleswere genotyped using direct sequencing.Statistical analyses such as: Chi-squared test and Odds Ratio to investigate the association of the SNP and azoospermia, Phylogenetic trees including: Neighborhood Joining, UPGMA, Maximum Parsimony and Maximum Likelihood trees toinvestigategenetic differences among the population, AMOVA to investigate the genetic difference in populations, K-Means and STRUCTURE analysis toinvestigate of continuity versus stratification, PCOA analysis to find the relation between individuals in each population. The network in which CHDH acts was found in SWISS-Prot data base. Result: there was no significant difference among our populations which meant they were almost genetically similar. We alsofind a positive association between the SNP and azoospermiainfertility in both of underlying populations


infertility, azoospermia, Choline Dehydrogenase, genetic diversity

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COI code: CIGS13_0104

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