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CBF genes expression under drought stress in wheat

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Year: 2014
COI code: CIGS13_0972
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Authors CBF genes expression under drought stress in wheat

  Mona Soltani - MSc of Agricultural Biotechnology, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran
  Amir Mohammad Naji - Associate Professor of Agricultural Biotechnology, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran
  Alaeddin Kordenaieej - Associate Professor of Agricultural Biotechnology, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran


Plants respond to drought by induction of a series of regulatory genes that form the signaling network. Many genes respond to drought stress at the transcriptional level and the products of these genes function in the stress response and tolerance. A major transcription system that controls abscisicacid-independent gene expression in response to dehydration has beenidentified. The system includes the DRE/CRT cis-acting element and its DNA-binding protein. AP2/ERF proteins are aclass of protein that is unique to plants and plays a vital role in biotic and abiotic stress response. C-repeat/dehydrationresponsive element binding factors (CBF/DREBs) are a family of APETALA2 transcription factors that bind to DRE/CRTcis-element and regulate the expression of stress-responsive genes. cDNA-amplified fragment length polymorphism is a powerful and useful tool for analyzing the gene expression profiles of plants that are exposed to abiotic stresses. CDNAAFLP was used for transciptome analysis in wheat varieties Tabassi, a drought-stress tolerant genotype and Taifun, adrought-stress sensitive genotype, under drought stress and normal condition. after sequencing and BLAST searches, specialTDF was expressed only in Tabassi under drought stress, show homology with CCAAT-binding transcription factorcomplex WHPA1 in Triticum aestivum and also CBF conserved domain was observed. CBF genes, also known as DREBs,and their transcriptional targets that trigger a suite of pathways that collectively protect the plant from the harmful effects of abiotic stresses and enhances resistance to drought. So, we can consider and confirm, CBF genes as a factor for tolerant and response to drought stress


CBF transcription factors, cDNA-AFLP, drought stress, wheat

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COI code: CIGS13_0972

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