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Comparative Phylogenetic Analysis of MADS-box gene family in Rosaceae reveals evolution and functional divergence

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Year: 2018
COI code: CIGS15_165
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Authors Comparative Phylogenetic Analysis of MADS-box gene family in Rosaceae reveals evolution and functional divergence

  Fariba Akbari - Ph.D student of Agricultural Biotechnology ,Zanjan university,Iran
  Reza Fotovat, - Assistant Prof. of Agronomy and Plant Breeding, Zanjan university.Iran
  Mehdi hassanlou - Ph.D student of Molecular plant breeding ,Zanjan university,Iran


MADS-box genes encode a family of eukaryotic transcription factors distinguished by the presence of a highly-conserved ~58 amino acid DNA-binding and dimerization domain transcription factors. They play significant roles in plant developmental processes such as floral organ conformation, flowering time, and fruit development. Although the genome wide analysis of this family has been performed in some species, little is known regarding MADS-box genes in rosaceae. . Prunus persica, Malus × domestica and, Pyrus bretschneideri genomes have been fully sequenced recently, and 79, 146, and 95 MADS-box genes in peach, apple and pear were identified respectively. Nevertheless, the comparison of the fully sequenced rosaceae family MADS-box genes has not been accomplished. In this study, the MADS-box transcription factor in fully sequenced Rosaceae were analyzed. Apple and pear, both members of Rosaceae had the closest genetic relationship. Phylogenetic analyses indicated that multiple, independent expansions have taken place in apple. These results provide valuable insights in to the functional analysis of MADS-box proteins in rosaceae family during different biological processes, particularly of floral organ conformation, and flowering time, which may help in devising strategies to improve important traits.


Transcription factor, MADS-box, Rosaceae, Functional divergence

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COI code: CIGS15_165

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