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Analysis of genetic diversity of prunus rootstock using SSR marker

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Year: 2018
COI code: CIGS15_496
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Authors Analysis of genetic diversity of prunus rootstock using SSR marker

Fatemeh majaz ramooni - past Student MSc
gholmreza bakhshi khaniki -
mohiadin pirkhezri, -
foad fatehi -


Plums have 19 species and thousands of cultivars and genotypes. Different methods are used to determine genetic diversity and in this regard, DNA markers are more accurate. in the research used 19 commercial rootstock and prunus genotype and 7 SSR marker for analysis of genetic diversity. Polymerase chain reaction was performed in a volume of 17 μL. output was electrophoresed by capillary method and the formed bands were analyzed. pleomorphic marker duplicated on the whole 81 bands in the assessed genotypes with an average 11/571 band. Eigenvalues for primers reduced to 4 components by parsing to principal component. the results of the cluster analysis are shown that plum genotypes were placed in 3 separate clusters. First cluster include 8 genotypes: Galo, Kadamen, Mirbalan, Kashan, Davydiana, Manchurica, Sen julien, Bitter almond. Second cluster include 3 genotypes: Marballano, Malayer, Sarazifer. Third cluster include 8 genotypes: GF69, Red Plum, Saint-Cholin, GN, Dehno, Tensgol, Tabriz, Loroserazros. most of the measure effective allele, Shannon Index, forecasted heterozygosity, observed heterozygosity and polymorphism information content is for CPSCT035 marker that demonstrates its more impact in the observed diversity and high separation of samples. medium similarity is 0/4 between genotypes, that demonstrates high separation markers used. based on the results of the similarity matrix most genetic differences occurred between Davydiana genotype and Dehno and Tensogol genotypes, that are suitable for creating a crossroads. This research showed that SSR marker has a high ability In the separation Prunus rootstocks each other.


Prunus rootstock , Genetic diversity, SSR marker

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COI code: CIGS15_496

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First Time: (majaz ramooni, Fatemeh; gholmreza bakhshi khaniki; mohiadin pirkhezri, & foad fatehi, 2018)
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