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Sustainable Architecture toward Reduction of Energy Consumption,Considering humanitarian healthy Environment

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Year: 2014
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Authors Sustainable Architecture toward Reduction of Energy Consumption,Considering humanitarian healthy Environment

  Sahebeh Izadpanah - MSc Student, Department of Architecture and Urbanism, Gorgan branch, Islamic Azad University,Gorgan, Iran
Mahdieh Pazhouhanfar - Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Golestan University, Gorgan, Iran
Sohrab Sardashti - Ph.D Candidate of Islamic Architecture, Art University of Esfahan, Esfahan, Iran


At the contemporary time when the influences of modern technological methods of building construction, having no responsibility toward human health, the sustainablearchitecture is mentioned as one of the major debate in order to use more environmentally-friendly material and building, having great efficient effects on ournatural environment and reducing energy consumption, the most controversial debate, we need in developing countries such as Iran.As a comprehensive definition of urban sustainable development, including diverse scientific parts, significantly, creating an environment with long-term ecological health toprovide efficiency in social and individual human lives .In this research we aim to mention sustainable productivity and also its application for reducing energy consumption with the use of some scientific reviews in the areas of passive housing and healthy building criteria,furthermore global sample designs clearly discussed and also according to the statement' 'utilizing landscape as a thermal control' 'the underground housing as one of Iranian vernacular solution in past decades and today's underground building design has beensignificantly mentioned as one of practical conclusion the use of underground sustainable construction can clearly lessen energy consumption by using ground as a shelter for climatic change but also with consideration of efficient air-ventilation.Furthermore,energy and material sustainability has considered as two main factores,that is the use of sustainable innovative materials such as bamboo, a high strength composite , XPS thermalinsulation board to conserve energy and PV panels has significantly, utilizing in a recent global sample that is the Para-Eco house which has been significantly considered in this research.


Sustainable building, energy and material conservation, Passive and Low Energy Building, healthy building, underground housing

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COI code: CIVIL01_095

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