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Modeling and Analyzing industrial Loads: A 7-Bus Multi-Machine Case Study

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Authors Modeling and Analyzing industrial Loads: A 7-Bus Multi-Machine Case Study

  Mohsen Arzani - Department Of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran


The increasing growth of energy consumption in various parts of the power industry, especially in the industrial sector, needs to be further explored and further studies are needed to optimize fuel and energy consumption in this field. The purpose of modeling power systems that is non-linear is to examine its behavior in different modes. Typically, power systems are grouped into different levels of generation, transmission, distribution and consumption based on different voltages, which are generally divided into household, agricultural, commercial and industrial loads based on consumption. The main objective of the project is to study the behavior of industrial loads in various conditions andexperiments. A factory with a combination of induction motors and constant load capacities is considered. In the industrialized world, a large amount of energy is consumed by a large number of electric motors that are powered less directly from the main source and in a steady state. In many practical designs, an electric machine is usually composed of a large number of electric machines that are interconnected at the control level. Electric machines on such systems regularly turn off and turn on and change their mode from the motor to generator. Also, in most cases, they are controlled by power electronic networks. Therefore, the understanding of the behavior and function of electric vehiclesand drives in a dynamic environment requires a special study. An Industrial factory has been simulated in matlab including dynamic and ZIP loads for studying electric machines behaviors during different fault and disturbances.


Power System, Industrial load, Electric Machines, Matlab, Three Phase Fault

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