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Reflection Religion and art integration in Imamzadas' architecture

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Year: 2014
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Authors Reflection Religion and art integration in Imamzadas' architecture

  Jalal Khodayari - Graduate from U.S.A Rochville University, in field of Philosophy of ReligiousDepartment Of Philosophy Mofid University Of GOM, IRAN


The architecture term from its root Architect consisted of two components. This root completely shows art and architecture integration. Many factors have been effective on formation of the Imamzadas' buildings such as: national, religious, social political factors. But what has been most important to architects is reflection of Islamic art on constructing these buildings. The main purpose of this display is escaping from multitude of outer strangeness and sheltering into familiar interior solitude. Art and religion not only meet up in Imamzadas' constructions but embrace each other. Artists inject their essences and artistic insights into these buildings, bodies to be made anexhibition for displaying spirit and being of a reflection. An art rose from the heart offaith under protection of faith, an integration of other nation's achievements from Romeand Bizanse to Transoxania and china.In this essay it has been tried to be showed moreintegration, combination and interaction between religion and art in the area of Islamic –Iranian culture in Imamzadas' buildings.


Art, religion, architecture, Imamzadas

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COI code: CONFIR01_009

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