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Deliberation of aesthetic aspects of illumination by daylight with environmental psychology approach

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Year: 2017
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Authors Deliberation of aesthetic aspects of illumination by daylight with environmental psychology approach

  Mohadese Rezaei - School of Architecture, Soore University


An integral part of any interior design is lighting. Removing the curtains in the early hours of the morning and inviting the light to broaden the house as much as possible can be one of the things we do without previous study and specific information. This means that we accept the importance of daylight in the interior design in the form of a self-evident principle. In this research, we tried to clarify the psychological and aesthetic significance of daylight in our lives; and this is something that is forgotten in the interior design of residences nowadays. In other word, we have a dilemma; profitable construction or human mental health Unfortunately, the importance of interior design is still obscuring for many people, and the prevailing view of people is that the interior design is an extra layer; and there is unfortunate that the illumination especially the daylight, which is associated with the human mental health, is neglected. We tried to clarify this important position by describing the effects of daylight on the nervous system and up and down levels of serotonin and melatonin hormones which is very influential in controlling the 24-hour body s rhythm, eliminating depression and mental problems. Nowadays, In addition to the old daylight systems that mainly consist of windows, there are some advanced systems that are progressing to get the most out of daylight and reduce artificial light by daylight sensor. We also have tried to explain these sensors which measure the incoming light and sends it to the control unit to get the brightness or dimming command.


interior design, daylight, mental health, daylight systems, aesthetic significance

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COI code: DIDIA01_006

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