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Brest Cancer and Steroid Hormone

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Year: 2019
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Authors Brest Cancer and Steroid Hormone

  Zohreh Yousefi - Fellowship of Gynecology Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences


Risk of developing breast cancer with hormonal contraception in the general population and in BRCAgene mutation carriers to increase. Results of the studies are not clear-cut. Some studies have indicatedan overall increased relative risk of early, premenopausal breast cancer, while the others reported noincrease in overall risk. The findings of most studies but not all indicates that early breast cancer beforeage 40 in women who used oral contraception for long durations of time. The evidence seems strongerfor a relationship with time since last use, an elevated risk being significant for current users and in womenwho had stopped OCP 1–4 years before (recent use). Even though the data indicated that young womenwho begin use before age 20 have higher relative risks of breast cancer during current use and in the 5years after stopping, this is a time period when breast cancer is very rare, and, thus, there would be littleimpact on the actual number of breast cancers.Since much of the research on breast cancer risk factors are Inconclusive, more research is needed,especially the probability of prolonged exposure to both estrogens and progesteroneconcurrently.Overall, this massive statistical research yielded good news. There is no major adverseimpact of oral contraceptives.


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COI code: DTOGIMED03_037

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