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Bladder endometriosis

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Year: 2019
COI code: DTOGIMED03_155
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Authors Bladder endometriosis

Atiye Javaheri - obstetric gynecology, shahid sadughi hospital, yazd,iran


Background and Aim : Endometriosis is a gynecology disease with unclear cause.Urinary tractinvolvement may be represented by nodules with retractions of the normal anatomy. Bladder endometriosisis a specific form of endometriosis characterized by the present of endometrial glands and stroma in thedetrusor muscle.such disease may involve different sites of the bladder, most frequently the base and thedome , with various grade of infiltrationMethods : we discribe A 36-year old woman was referred to our unit because of diffuse abdominal pain,associated with dribbling and frequency alternating with menstruation cycles in prior 5 years. Furthermore,she had used no hormone replacement therapy.Results : Conservative treatment modalities are usually palliative, and symptoms generally recur upondiscontinuation of therapy . Cases of large vesical lesions are more likely to require surgical excision foreffective and definitive treatment. In our case the bladder mass was larg and the medical treatment such ashormone therapy was failed, so it seems surgery was the best choice.Conclusion : In experienced hands, laparoscopy offers a desirable approach to the diagnosis and treatmentof bladder endometriosis.


laparascopy, bladder, endometriosis

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COI code: DTOGIMED03_155

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