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Aesthetic Aspects of Contextualism in Architectural Design

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Year: 2014
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Authors Aesthetic Aspects of Contextualism in Architectural Design

  Hadi Zohouri Khosrowshahi - Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Zanjan Branch, Zanjan, Iran
  Mohammad Bager Zohouri Khosrowshahi - Master of Civil Engineering, Department of Civil, Islamic Azad University, Shabestar Branch,Shabestar, Iran


We need to feel that they belong in a place and to have a connection with our surroundings. In the built environment, we often sacrifice this greater sense of integration with a space for the false security of place identification. Only recently, architects have discovered or at least come to understand and address this psychological need. Both in function and formation, our buildings are affected by their surroundings, be they natural or urban.The Contextualism gives us theoretical help for digging traditional architecture culture’s essence. However, how to pay attention to the creation of some styles architecture in special circumstances and how to effectively arrange the contrast between overall context and financial investment, etc. are both need our considerations and investigations on contextualism’s new annotation and development. Contextualism refers to an approach in urban planning which considers the city in its totality. It also emphasizes on the role of social, cultural, geographical, and historical influences on individual development since of the focus of increasing interest in understanding environment in contemporary architecture.Architecture must address this issue, even if by simply deciding not to address it. Like most human products, architecture has connection with people’s material life in certain aspects but it also has connection with people’s life in all aspects. It has the widest life foundation. Architecture has idiosyncratic artistic expressive force. Enormous consideration, permanent lifespan, the complexity of its organizational structure by comparing with other arts, close connection with environment, and containment of other arts have enriched the possibilities for expressing temperament and interest better.Contemporary contextual architecture is scrutinized in relation to design activity and design product and related background is interpreted. Accordingly, guidelines, strategies of contextual design, architectural habits and extensions from the past are critically discussed. In addition to studies that have widely discussed contextual design with guidelines and strategies, this study addresses contextual design within the framework of designers attitude. These attitudes are referred to as empathic, sympathetic and independent. Although sympathetic attitude is superior compared to others, it is emphasized that considerations of the designer (architect) towards context is the most important point for the sake of contextual quality. In other words, it is underlined that whichever attitude is followed, the most important aspect determining success of the contextual design is contextual consideration of architect. As well as obedience to the context accepting it as a set of requirements to be complied with, an opinion that can be presented that accepts it as a tool in the design. In addition, in this study, design concepts derived from context are interpreted as extensions of attitudes and considerations revealing original examples that are strong and based on interpretation sampled on selected products.


Humans Life, Contextual Design, Aesthetic, Architecture

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COI code: EETCC01_042

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