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Recognition of context-oriented architectural features in environmental of Bushehrs indigenous housing

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Year: 2014
COI code: EETCC01_078
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Authors Recognition of context-oriented architectural features in environmental of Bushehrs indigenous housing

Mohammad Hasan kakizadeh - M.A Architecture students of Azad university sciences and researches of Bushehr


Our architecture and traditional urbanism is constantly interacting with the environment. context -oriented is the method to design and its focus on the interaction between architecture and the area of surrounding site and is the view with holistic approach in the architecture, which in addition to the purely framework aspects gradually, human dimension and architecture of each building based on cultural background, social, framework and climate and certain circumstances of that site and building should be designed and implemented and buildings consistent with the ecology and coordinating members in its texture and finally will be in the texture of environment.The culture and architecture believe that atmosphere is made by processes of the human body and will effect on interactional relationship with human body. context -oriented by evaluate to subjective and objective of the text structure and are expressed outcome of this study, which in the context -oriented planning in addition to focus on framework dimension of building context, define and refer to the cultural dimension and based on this offers the kind of interaction between human and environment, which in the field of architectural context -oriented to interact between human and environment and culture is the result of this interaction. This paper attempts to provide a clear definition of the field as a position for architecture. The correct understanding of the environmental framework philosophy and its application in the architecture is seeking to explain the role and context -oriented placement at the head of the environmental framework.The purpose of this study is that, the context -oriented is introduced as one of the environmental design principles and this research is carried out with the qualitative study and descriptive approach and tools for data collecting of the objective observation and study of written sources and evidence.


context-oriented- environmental framework - indigenous housing- urban texture

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COI code: EETCC01_078

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