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Clarifying The Importance And Dimension Of The Regional Architectural Interacting With Making Culture

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Year: 2014
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Authors Clarifying The Importance And Dimension Of The Regional Architectural Interacting With Making Culture

k delavarpour - Islamic Azad University, Khuzestan
m moheseni - Islamic Azad University, Khuzestan


The definition of region is different. Regionalism is an analytical and critical view which put emphasis on preservation characteristics and properties of place and also it's a kind of philosophy referential to set coordination among people, their handmade and nature. Regionalism is one f the architectural approach that is in tract with culture and cultural context and emphasis on the necessity of paying attention to cultural characters, geographic and the climate of a specific region. Eventually, these features amplify the souse of situation in facing different spaces and is refreshing the architectural. Ecological regionalism movement in architectural is effected by sustained design movements and ecological design. This movement includes a practical theory which considers the linkage among human cultures and regional ecosystems in a stable situation. Also correlates the cultural dependence and ecological dependence and due to create sensibility axial sense. Some of the aspects of new regionalism are: designing with focus on needs and local potential in order to achieve sustainable development, bottom top method in designing instead of focused approach and top to bottom method creative protection instead of nostalgic view and static protection. Critical and mixture regionalism and etc. After the rise of modernism, the theories of modern architecture and faced with different challenges by regionalism the challenges are about the interaction or conflict, modern architecture and cultural identity. The result of these challenges is changes and transformation in type of regionalism attitude. These new attitudes appear in new vocabularies such as modern regionalism or critical regionalism. In this paper is tried to has a wide describe about regionalism and it's different aspects as well as, studying the samples and instances, and practical solutions this theory in order. This type of designing use to achieve meaning and revolving in urban design.


Regionalism, Indentify, Meaning, Urban Design

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COI code: EETCC01_129

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