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Teaching constructivism

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Year: 2018
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Authors Teaching constructivism

  Mohammadali Nozad - Master s degree in physiology, physical activity and wellness. Payame Noor University of Karaj
  Arezo Abeshzadeh - Primary Education Expert. farhangian University


At the same time as building constructivist theories, the education specialists turned to the design of classroom learningenvironments based on the principles and assumptions of constructivism. The relatively new ideas raised in educationand psychology called constructivist theories are rooted in the scientific and philosophical ideas of the past.Constructivist views originate from the researches of Piaget, Vigotsky, Gestalt psychologists, Bartlett and Bruner, aswell as John Dewey s philosophy of cultivating. The aim of this paper is to study teaching methods are based onconstructivism approach. The results of this library research show that in the last two decades, the knowledge and skillsneeded to succeed in today s life have changed due to developments in the economic, social and technological spheres.Today, students need to figure out how to access the information they need and how to apply this knowledge in real lifesituations. Additionally, students face many situations where there is no straightforward, pre-set-up response, butinstead, they should be able to analyze the situations and their knowledge and skills to find a solution that It is useful toapply. Philosophers, psychologists, and scholars in the field of education, as a result of these developments, turned tonew learning theories, especially constructivism. Constructivism emphasizes the perspective of learning, knowledgeactively makes.


Education, constructivism, teaching methods, students, teacher

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COI code: ELSCONF06_192

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Type: Payame Noor University
Paper No.: 46506
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