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Terminology and interpretation of the divine successive names in holly Quran

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Year: 2016
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Authors Terminology and interpretation of the divine successive names in holly Quran

  Mohammad Hasan Sadeghy - Islamic Azad University , Karaj branch , Islamic republic of Iran


Holly Quran is a book sent by Allah to guide people toward himself. And one of his major ways to introduce his way in this book is mentioning his holly names. I have called a groupof god’s holly names in Quran which have come one after another like the hearing the seeing (سميعً بصير) or the coverer the merciful (غفور رحيم) as the divine successive names , and tried to explain them in terminological, semantical and teleological aspects , Ihave tried also to discover the miraculous relations between them, and I have called thisaspect of quranic miracle as nominal miracle . Arguing about majority of the related questionsas for the first time is a reason for necessity and significance of this research .for examplewhy the coverer the merciful is repeated for 71 times, while the merciful the coverer (الرحيم الغفور ) is mentioned just once? My researches prove that there is a common point in the divine successive names are some keys to better understanding of quran.


the divine successive names, combination, interpretation, nominal miracle,terminology

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COI code: FNCLIS01_048

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