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Surveying Location Pattern of Nabi Mosque According to Verses, Hadithes and Prophet's Sira

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Year: 2014
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Authors Surveying Location Pattern of Nabi Mosque According to Verses, Hadithes and Prophet's Sira

Parisa Gorbannejad - Scientific board member and Assistant Professor in History and Civilization of Islamic Nations, Urmia Free University, West Azarbayjan, Iran
Fatima Jalilzadeh Mohammadi - PhD candidate of architecture in NajafAbad Free University, Isfahan, Iran


One important characteristic of Islamic culture is issue of architecture that has undergone an evolutional process in dealing with neighboring civilizations with a supplementary role. In Prophet's (PBUH) time and Saudi Bedouin, Islamic architecture began its own identity by establishing Prophet’s Mosque in Medina without any Special glaze and decoration but full of eternal concepts. This building is considered in different aspects and this article deals only with one aspect which is subject of mosque location according to the prophetic pattern of Islamic urbanization in an analytic and comparative method (comparing Verses and Hadith with the Prophet's Sira). Although the location of prophet's mosque was affected by geographic environment and Saudi Arabian native culture, it matches with paradigms of Quran and Hadith. Furthermore, it was built by divine order and consideration of characteristics such as: dominances of the urban space, centrality, extensibility and retrofitting, independence, invitation, unity and absorbing the majority, universality, material and spiritual prosperity and development, compatibility of mosque’s neighborhood functions, cleanness, ideality for prayer and spiritual comfort, rights of land owners, and etc. This article intends to investigate the characteristics of location of mosques on the base of verses and Hadith and compare result with Prophet's Sira.


Location , Medina , Nabi Mosque , Quran

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COI code: HIAP01_149

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