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Influential Factors on usage Preference of 3D Sandwich panels; A Case study of Iran, Golestan Province

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Authors Influential Factors on usage Preference of 3D Sandwich panels; A Case study of Iran, Golestan Province

  Navid Yaghoubzadeh - Department of Architecture, Gorgan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Gorgan, Iran
  Sahebeh Izadpanah - Young Researchers and Elite Club, Gorgan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Gorgan, Iran


This study performed factor analysis in order to find factors contributing in usage preference of 3D sandwich wall panel, firstly a questionnaire designed and distributed among 120 proposers, who affected on 3D sandaich wall panel in 120 specific building constructions, the result demonstrated there are four main factors contribute client preference of 3D sandwich wall use. For four factors the rotated varimax illustrated all score above 0.55, factor one consisting eleven variations among seventeen, which shows the significance of this specific factor consisting variables such as sound insulation, execution ease, Fire Resistance.The second factor called technical advices,which shows being lightweight 3D sandwich panel with 0.75% of Orthotran/varimax rotated,clearly affect proposers to use this specific wall panel,also technical consultant reveales a significant impact on selection this wall system amonge other lightweight ones. A notable conclusion of this study is concrete thickness with rotate varimax of 0.92, significantly shows the concrete shot thickness control is not a significant issue during 3D sandwich wall execution.


3D sandwich panel, Factor analysis, Economy,Energy saving

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