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Development of Industrial Heritage of Transportation Centres, A Review of Three Major Transportation Systems of Tehran

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Year: 2019
COI code: ICCCHA01_014
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Authors Development of Industrial Heritage of Transportation Centres, A Review of Three Major Transportation Systems of Tehran

  Katayoun Taghizadeh - Associate Professor, School of Architecture, College of Fine Arts, University of Tehran
  Matin Bastanfard - Faculty member of School of Architecture and Urban Development, Shahrood University of Technology,


The legacy of industrial architecture is a new phenomenon and the result of technological changes and the introduction of new functions in the field of architecture and building. Transportation systems are perhaps the most spectacular industrial building for the people, and in addition to showing the history of technological change in the country. Therefore, the study of this building, which is the pioneer in the construction of such buildings and the busiest of such buildings, is the subject of this paper.First, a study has been made about the entry of technology into traditional societies, and the industrial heritage has been introduced as the cause of the industrial revolution. In the category of different types of industrial heritage, transportation along the construction industry is raised, and in line with the development of transportation in Iran, the buildings related to them are also built. The study of the history of this building, which is the main transportation center of the country in the capital (bus terminal, railway station, airport), in addition to clarifying the foundations of thinking, creating these buildings due to the huge amount of demand demanded the rise of industry and architecture It has been special in the country Unfortunately, despite the decades of building of each of these buildings, and the increase in the population and consequently the number of passengers using these buildings, no special development has taken place in this building and a program to protect these buildings has not been taken. And this explains the need for study and practical action on the protection and development of the industrial heritage of the capital s transportation systems. This research, using a descriptive-qualitative approach and referring to library studies, documents and illustrations, addresses the issue and proposes questions for achieving a model for preserving this group of heritage in accordance with various social, political, and social conditions. , Culture has come


Industrial Heritage, Transportation System, Bus Terminal, Railway Station, Airport

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COI code: ICCCHA01_014

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